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We know you are eager to dive in to all of the services we have to offer. (Truth be told, so are we!) However, we want to maintain excellence throughout the entire company. Therefore, we are taking the time to hand pick, background check, and personally train all of our assistants so that they can provide the very best service to our clients. Bear with us while we get going. We promise, it's worth the wait!


Transportation Assistance

Image by Samuele Errico Piccarini

What is transportation assistance?

Transportation assistance is here to help you get from point A to point B safely. It doesn't matter where these points may be (within a reasonable geographic distance). Need help getting to and from doctor's appointments? We've got you covered. Want to meet your friend for lunch? We've got you covered! Need a ride to a special event? We've got you covered. Kids need chauffering from school to activities and back home? We've got you covered! We can take you anywhere you need to go.

Is there a limit to how far I can go?

Yes. Unfortunately, we can't drive you to Florida for the weekend and back (although we would definitely love to!) We transport within a 50 mile radius of the office location. As long as your locations fall within this radius, we've got you covered!

Is there a limit to how many stops I can make?

No! However, our drivers can not wait for you at every location. They may take off to take care of another cleint and return to get you at a designated time or a different driver may complete the next leg of your journey. Either way, we can handle as many stops and locations as you need!

Pricing Details

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