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We know you are eager to dive in to all of the services we have to offer. (Truth be told, so are we!) However, we want to maintain excellence throughout the entire company. Therefore, we are taking the time to hand pick, background check, and personally train all of our assistants so that they can provide the very best service to our clients. Bear with us while we get going. We promise, it's worth the wait!


Meal Prep Assistance

Creating Meal Plans

We will work with you to develop a meal plan that caters to all of your family's needs such as food allergies, calorie restrictions, carb restrictions, ingredient restrictions, or simple food disdains. We will make sure to plan meals the whole family wants to eat. Long gone are the days of countless hours sitting at the table and dinner-time disagreements. We can plan for any meal - breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks - and for any frequency. We can plan for the exact number of members in the family and even make sure each meal is able to be enjoyed over a variety or age ranges from infant to senior. Once we determine the menu, we can create a grocery list for the meal plan so you can make sure you have everything you need.

Preparing Food for Cooking

Ever wanted to have your own personal sous-chef? Is the most horrible part of cooking preparing all the ingredients? We have just the thing! Hire someone to come prepare your ingredients for you. We can cut up fruits or veggies, prepare proteins (thaw, cut, season, ect.), measure out ingredients, and any other prep work you desire to make coming home and throwing together your family's favorite meals a breeze and less time consuming! Less time in the kitchen = more time with family!

Cooking Meals and Portioning Out Meals

We understand that for some, cooking the food can be difficult or impossible for a variety of reasons. If you would prefer that we cook the meals and prepare them in portion ready containers for easy grab-and-go reheating, we can do that! No matter the meal, we've got you covered!

Doing the Dishes

This, too, should go without saying. No matter if we are just preparing the ingredients or doing the cooking for you, you will never come home to a pile of dishes to complete. We can hand wash dishes or (if applicable and preferred by the client) place dishes in the dishwasher. Any clean dishes will be put away in their prospective locations so you never have to worry about the food preparation aftermath!

Cleaning and Disinfecting Kitchen

This is also our standard. No matter what our services in your kitchen, we will always complete our service by cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces in your kitchen. We never want to leave you susceptible to food-related germs through cross-contamination or food-borne illness. Your kitchen will always be left spotless and free of germs, ready for its next use.

Benefits of Meal Prep Assistance

There are many benefits of having a certified nutritionist develop a meal plan just for you. Just to name a few: - Safety: Avoid working with sharp knives, cooking related burns, and food-related illness - Nutrition: Make sure the whole family's dietary needs are met in well-balanced meals - Emotional Health: Deciding what to eat for every meal can be stressful. Let us handle it!

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