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We know you are eager to dive in to all of the services we have to offer. (Truth be told, so are we!) However, we want to maintain excellence throughout the entire company. Therefore, we are taking the time to hand pick, background check, and personally train all of our assistants so that they can provide the very best service to our clients. Bear with us while we get going. We promise, it's worth the wait!


Home Management

General Home Maintenance

Home manager's are here to maintain you home and property grounds on a daily basis. These general home maintenace duties include (but are not limited to): - Lawn and garden care (grass cutting, hedge trimming, weed pulling, flower watering, ect.) - Pressure wash home, driveway, and walkways - Check and change HVAC system filters - Check for leaks around toilets and sinks - Inspect grout and caulking - Check kitchen vent hood filter - Test smoke and carbon-monoxide detectors - Check for outside of home issues like foundation, vents, gutter, and drainpipe issues - Watch for ice dams (Winter) - Check for drafts (Winter) - Test sump pump (Winter) - Close foundation vents (Winter) - Cover outdoor air-conditioning units (Winter) - HVAC checkup (Spring) - Roof inspection (Spring) - Check gutters (Spring) - Inspect sidewalks and driveways (Spring) - Check seals around doors and windows (Spring) - Trim around outdoor HVAC units (Summer) - Inspect deck (Summer) - Check siding (Summer) - Inspect foundation and crawlspace (Summer) - Test lawn irrigation system (Summer) - HVAC system inspection (Fall) - Turn off outside hose bibs (Fall) - Inspect fireplace (Fall) - Clean gutters and check roof (Fall) - Check exterior grade (Fall) - Clean clothes dryer exhaust (Annually) - Lubricate garage door springs (Annually) - Drain hot water heater (Annually) - Look for signs of termites (Annually) - Clean septic tank (Annually) - Clean heat ducts (Every 2-5 years) - Seal grout (Every 2-5 years) - Get a termite inspection (Every 2-5 years) - Replace caulking around windows and doors (Every 2-5 years) - Paint the exterior (Every 5-10 years) - Install a new dishwasher (Every 5-10 years) - Replace kitchen sink (Every 5-10 years) - Replace the microwave (Every 5-10 years) - Replace hot water heater (Every 10-15 years) - Replace garage door opener (Every 10-15 years) - Install new refrigerator and range (Every 10-15 years) - Check roofing material (Every 20-30 years) - Replace exterior decks (Every 20 years) - Replace kitchen and bathroom faucets (Every 15-20 years) - Install new HVAC unit (Every 20-25 years) We have trustworthy and reputable contractors that can cover any home repair and maintenance need from plumbing to landscaping to electrical to carpentry. No matter the need, we have you covered! Protect your home investment by hiring someone whose only job is to ensure the maintenace of your home.

Emergency Response

Sometimes, things go wrong in your home that can not be forseen. Having our Emergency Response service ensures that someone will come out immediately to assist when your hot water tank blows flooding your basement or any other emergency occurrance. You never know when you will need emergency coverage, until you do!

Natural Disaster Preparation and Maintenance

We are here to make sure your home is in pristine condition both before and after a natural disaster. A home manager's list of duties in accordance with natural disaster preparation and maintence include (but is not limited to): - Conducting roof inspections and carrying out required maintenance before/after a storm - Packing away garden furniture and securing other vulnerable items - Clearing gutters for effective water flow - Trimming trees around the property to avoid limb damage - Clearing your property of any limbs and trees disrupted by the storm - Closing/Reopening shutters - Performing or Arranging for reparis of any damage - Ensuring properly working and fueled generators - Ensuring adequate fuel stock for generators to cover storm duration and aftermath time - Ensuring your family has adequate shelter in the home - Ensuring your family has fully stocked disaster relief items - Ensuring your family has and understands your home's evacuation plan

Home Watch

Home watch service cover a multitude of things such as: - Keeping an eye on the place in case of frequent travel - General upkeep of the home even in your absence - Monitor for critical changes like gas leak or electrical issues - Contacting emergency services for electrical hazards and criminal risks - Yard care and watering of indoor plants - Mail collection While these services are usually taken care of during regular home visits, you can also arrange for someone to House Sit for you while you are away. This would be a 24/7 presence on the property to deter theft and monitor any emergency changes. We can also handle day-to-day operations like having a warm body in your home to meet the cable guy or anyone else who needs access to your home when you aren't there so you can continue with your daily life. Let us take care of these small inconveniences for you.

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