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What are your professional organizing areas of expertise?

OneEighty specializes in all different areas of organizing. We can help tackle all types of challenges. No situation is too big or too small for us to handle. We have specialized training and expertise working in even the most difficult of organizing challenges such as clients with ADHD, clients with chronic disorganization, and clients with hoarding disorder. We can help with all types of projects such as time management, wardrobe and closets, filing systems, data organization, digital organization, relocation, estate sales, and productivity projects. We work with a wide range of clients from children, young adults, students, busy mom, working moms, stay-at-home moms, single parent families, and elderly clients. No matter the situation, we can help develop a personal system that works for you and with your specific and unique needs.

Are you certified as a Professional Organizer? If so, by whom?

Currently, we do not have our certification, but are working towards it. While we have all of the education needed to receive this certification, there is also a requirement of a certain number of hours working as a Professional Organizer in order to be certified. This hour requirement usually takes 3-5 years of full time work to achieve. While we are not yet certified, we are la member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) and have several specialist certificates for working with clients and on projects in specific categories.

Are you insured?

Yes! We have an insurance policy specific to Professional Organizers and that cover the full gamut of situations that may arise when working as a Professional Organizer. When working with us, you will be insured not only for the project itself but any objects that we touch while working on an organization project.

Do you attend conferences or webinars and stay abreast of current trends and techniques?

Yes! We attend annual conferences for Professional Organizers as well as read the newest material and attend webinars and teleconferences that are held. We are constantly trying to learn new tips, tricks, and techniques to assist our clients with a unique set of needs in creative and effective ways.

Do you have local references?

We ask all of our clients to leave a review if they feel comfortable doing so. These reviews are featured on our “Testimonials” page. We understand the privacy and emotional nature that our services may mean to many of our clients. As a result, we do not unwillingly publish our past client’s contact information or require that client’s share their contact information. Clients who are comfortable being contacted by prospective clients or journalists are free to leave their contact information with their testimonials to be published on the site.

Do you belong to any professional organizations?

We are currently members of NAPO. While there is no local chapter of NAPO currently, we hope to build this community for other professionals in the local area soon.

How long have you been in business?

While I have been organizing for people for about 3 years, I came across my first client by accident as a response to a request for help organizing paperwork. This client went on to recommend me to her colleagues and my client base grew mainly from word of mouth. This was done in another state and another region of the country entirely. Upon moving back home to Alabama, I decided to make what was essentially a side job into a full-time occupation and see how far I could take it.

What hours do you work? What days of the week are you available? Is there an extra fee for weekends?

We are available to answer phone calls, perform phone intakes, and to perform in-person or virtual assessments Monday – Saturday from 9 am – 5 pm. If reaching out or wanting to work during this time, you are guaranteed to that we will be available to answer your call, respond to any questions you may have, and or meet for a project We understand that many of our clients have full time jobs and families and may require working outside of normal business hours. For this reason, we are available for project work Sunday – Saturday from 7 am – 10 pm. Completing project work on weekends or holidays is available by request ONLY with a minimum of 48 hour’s notice (unless waived by organizer.) There will be an extra fee for working on weekends and holidays. Fees will be charged an extra $10/hour for weekends and an extra $20/hour for holidays.

Do you bring the necessary supplies, or do I purchase them separately?

I will bring with me any items we need to sort through your belongings. However, these items are only for use during the sorting process. Baskets and containers that you need to keep at your home to establish an organizational system must be purchased by you. We offer multiple ways of assisting you in getting the items that you need. I can purchase these items for you on the company credit card at a rate of 25% of the price of the items purchased (with a maximum shopping fee of $100) in addition to the cost of the items. No items will be purchased without prior approval by the client. Alternatively, we can sit down together at the end of a session to walk through purchasing items together on your own credit card. There is no extra fee for this option.

If you purchase supplies or materials at a discount, is there an “up charge” or an hourly shopping fee?

There is no “up charge” on purchases per item or hourly shopping fee. The only fee for shopping will be the 25% of purchase price (with a maximum of $100) added to the total purchase. Any and all discounts on materials will be passed down to the clients.

Do you arrange to take away donations, consignments, and trash? If so, do you charge extra for this service?

OneEighty can definitely arrange for donation, consignment, or disposal of your items. Smaller items and smaller amounts of items that need to be donated, sold, or disposed of can be handled by OneEighty Home and Life Organizing, LLC for no additional charge. No items will be removed from the home without a signed, itemized list of all items to be removed (with photos if deemed necessary by the organizer). Large/bulky items or large amounts of items may be sold, consigned, or disposed of by OneEighty Home and Life Organizing LLC for an additional fee of $50/ truckload. Large/bulky items or large amounts of items may be discarded through a third-party junk removal service without an itemized list only if the disposal is occurring directly from the client’s home/place of business and the client is present for the entire removal. Monies attained from items that are sold will be given to the client. These monies can be kept or applied to the client’s account for further services. No employees of OneEighty Home and Life Organizing LLC are permitted to keep/purchase any of a client’s belongings or accept gifts from clients.

Do you work alone, or do you have a team of employees or contractors?

Whenever possible, I try to work alone. We try to limit the number of people who have access to your belongings or knowledge of the belongings in your home. We also understand that for some clients, the condition of their home is a sensitive matter and we would like to limit the amount of people who see your home or business in a vulnerable state so as to limit any stress on the client. When needed, additional employees may assist to help move large/bulky boxes, furniture, or items or to assist in the installation of shelves and/or closet systems. They will only be present when necessary. This may mean they are present for the entire project when working in places like the garage or only for a portion of the project. No employees will be brought along without prior approval by the client. All employees are background checked and drug tested periodically for maintained compliance with the company’s drug and criminal history policies.

Do you have advertising on your car?

No! To maintain the privacy of our clients, we do not advertise on our cars. This maintains client privacy from people who may see our vehicle at your home. All employees, however, will be in uniform with logo printed T-shirts. These employees may be recognized during outdoor work. While we take every possible action to maintain discretion for our clients, uniforms are a necessary piece of the professionalism we present.

Do you take photographs at my home / business / property?

Photographs will only be taken if the client grants permission for photos to be taken prior to taking the photographs. All identifying information will be removed or blurred from the photo prior to release. Still, clients will have the opportunity to approve each individual photo and sign a waiver for their release prior to their use on the website, social media, or any other promotional materials.

What is your fee and when is it due? Does insurance cover this service?

Generally, professional organizing services are billed at $50/hour. This fee may differ during promotional periods, holidays, or weekends. How many hours a project will require and the cost of completing an entire project is based on a number of factors, many of which are in the hands of the client. An estimate of complete project cost will be given at the end of the in-person assessment. This is just an estimate! Actual time to completion will rely on many variables and may differ from the estimate given. Fees assessed are due at the end of a session (unless purchasing a package of hours for a promotional rate.) When purchasing a set of hours for a promotion, payment is due for the entire set in one lump sum. This service is not covered by any insurance carriers at this time.

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