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Babysitting / Nanny Service



We know you are eager to dive in to all of the services we have to offer. (Truth be told, so are we!) However, we want to maintain excellence throughout the entire company. Therefore, we are taking the time to hand pick, background check, and personally train all of our assistants so that they can provide the very best service to our clients. Bear with us while we get going. We promise, it's worth the wait!


Babysitting / Nanny Service

What services are available?

We offer a multitude of services to meet all of your family's needs such as: - Care and support with multiples (twins, triplets, quadruplets, and beyond) - Newborn Care - Sick and well baby care - Assist with schoolwork or projects - Engage in arts and crafts - Assist with reading - Facilitate safe cooking and baking activites - Plan visits, outings, and trips - Play games and sports - Transportation to and from activities (if this is the only service needed, please see our Transportation Assistance Service) - Play games and sports If you need other services not listed above, just mention it! We will make it happen and create a unique care plan for you!

What certifications do caretakers have?

All of our caretakers are CPR and First Aid certified! All employess must pass routine background checks and drug tests. Caretakers who specialize in certain specific challenges also have certifications specific to their area of expertise. For example: - Newborn Specialists: Have extensive knowledge in the needs and behaviors of newborns - Lactation Specialist: Have extensive knowledge in breastfeeding and latching - Multigravidum Specialist: Have extensive knowledge in care and routines for multiples - Special Needs Specialist: Have the many qualitites necessary for working with children with special needs such as ADHD, Down Syndrome, Autism, or other behavioral/intellectual disorders

What if my caretaker is ill or unable to work due to an emergency?

That's part of the beauty of working with OneEighty. When we take on a family for any service, 2-3 assistants will be assigned to your family. It is the job of these 3 assistants to make sure they are extensively aware of your family's unique needs and circumstances. All appointments, no matter how regular, are adequately reported and recorded. Any changes in circumstances or situation will be noted in your family's file. The primary, secondary, and tertiary assistants will always remain up to date on your family. In the event that your primary caretaker is not available, your secondary or tertiary assistant will respond to fill the void in their absence. Your family will have already been aquainted with this person both initially and periodically. You will NEVER have to remain home from work because a caretaker is unable to show up, struggle to find a replacement, or be forced to deal with a stranger in the interim. We've got you covered!

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