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Founded in 2020 by Aeril Rolley, OneEighty is a complete home and life solutions company. We seek to bring you personalized solutions to all of life’s hurdles that help you increase efficiency and productivity and live a more calm and serene life. Let us take care of the little things so that you can focus on what matters. With a team of dedicated, carefully trained, and experienced assistants, we cover everything from housekeeping and laundry to personal shopping and meal prep and everything in between. We can help you develop a set of structured solutions that help all aspects of your life both at home and at work operate together cohesively and smoothly like a well-oiled machine. We are dedicated to bringing you the form and function you need at an affordable rate. Let us serve you and all of your family’s needs!

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About Me

Aeril Rolley, Owner

Hi! I'm Aeril, the owner and main organizer of OneEighty Home and Life Organizing, LLC.

I graduated from Brown University in May of 2019 with a BA in Health and Human Biology and a BA in Anthropology. In September of 2019, I began working on my Master's of Biology at Harvard. Unfortunately, an accident at work in November of 2019 forced me to put my academic life on hold for a bit. While out of school, other important health circumstances presented some difficulties in resuming my education right away. In light of COVID-19 and the uncertainty that it presents, I decided to move back home and pursue something else in the interim.

While in college, I began organizing paperwork and rooms for people I knew. I would pick up a huge bag of receipts, unopened mail, and other paper or forms. I would return this bag organized by item, category, date, and even personal versus business expenses so that my clients could then take the papers to their accountant for tax filing. For other clients, I would go into a room of their home and help them determine a system that works for their unique needs.

When I returned home, I decided that this was my opportunity to try something new. After thinking long and hard about what I could possibly do, I realized I had already been an entrepreneur in many ways with the work I was already doing for a few clients. I decided to make it an official business and, thus, OneEighty Home and Life Organizing, LLC was born.

I have always been an organized person for as long as I can remember. Even as a child I enjoyed rigid structure and easily identifiable systems or methods. Starting a new semester was always my favorite part of school because I got to start fresh with a freshly organized system, new binders, a new planner, ect. I would spend hours labeling all of my binders, creating cover pages for each subject, using dividers to make the appropriate sections in each binder, and labeling the pockets of each binders. The only thing better than organizing all of the school supplies was the first day of school, collecting all the syllabi, and going home to sit down with the syllabi and my planner to mark every due date and test in the planner. I loved this part! Everything was so organized and perfect and having this all laid out made me feel like SuperWoman of the semester! I continued these little guilty pleasures even through college and helped many of my peers and dorm-mates adopt some of my practices, too. Often times people would thank me as they conquered the semester and better managed their time, avoiding having to cram for an exam because they were able to better delve out their time by knowing exactly what was coming and when. Can you believe that I gained even more expertise once I decided to make Professional Organizing a career?

​As a qualified Professional Organizer, I have extensive experience and specialized know-how. I believe what really sets me apart from the rest of the industry is my attention to detail and ability to cater to the unique needs of each client. No matter what I do for you, I’m committed to delivering satisfactory results in a timely and professional manner. While the particular needs of my clients may vary, the experience, skills, and professional approach I bring to each project always ensure I get the job done right. Give me a call so I can help you conquer your home, life and business with ease, too!

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 A comprehensive suite of services designed to make life easier in every aspect. Let us take care of the little things so you can focus on what matters! 

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